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One of Turkey’s largest and well-established companies in lingerie fashion, TEN started its
textile manufacturing journey in 1956, with a boutique workshop in İstanbul Aksaray, launched
by Atilla Orhan.

TEN, which is selected by men and women at various ages thanks to its striking various colors
and models in lingerie fashion, especially corsets, became one of Turkey’s leading lingerie
manufacturers of Turkey with more than half a century of experience in the industry.

TEN is way above its competitors in corset fashion and in 2015, it launched an innovative
product and introduced women to “New Generation Corsets” non-chafing corsets fit for casual
use and reduce the size by one.

TEN has a wide range of products from classic to modern trends and it always aims to maintains
its status as a pioneer of lingerie fashion by combining top quality materials with advanced

TEN manufactures lingerie without stitches, using a new and innovative technology called
sticking which is used by very few textile manufacturers in the World while it continues to invest
in R&D for ongoing development.

TEN has four different store locations at four prestigious shopping malls in Turkey and you can
also visit our e-store for online shopping or contact our customer representative for direct sales.

TEN also served as a contracted manufacturer to many worldwide brands including Warner,
Victoria’s Secret, Agent Provocateur, Myla and Ralph Lauren’a.

In addition, United States of America, Bulgaria, Italy, Greece, Spain, Netherlands, Poland,
Belgium, Israel and many Middle Eastern countries are among our export markets.

Headquarters of TEN is located in Istanbul, sitting on a 7000 m2 facility in which management,
textile, accessories and outfitting departments of TEN strive to serve best to our customers
with their competent and experienced team members.